Experience the power of a sacred morning practice

Connect more deeply with yourself to find more ease, clarity and a sense of aliveness for the day ahead

This 5 day morning practice of breathwork (pranayama) and meditation will set you up for the day ahead. In just 30 mins you will feel more grounded and clear headed to tackle any challenge that comes your way......

'Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again'

Joseph Campbell


This practice is perfect if you:

  • Find it a challenge to commit yourself to a daily practice

  • Feel ungrounded and overwhelmed

  • You're lacking direction & searching for more fulfilment

  • You're looking for natural ways to assist with managing stress & anxiety

  • Feel like you're on ground hog day and living on autopilot

  • You're interested in learning how breathwork & meditation can benefit your wellbeing

What you'll get

  • Intro to breathwork mini training

    You'll receive a short video covering the basics of breathing so that you'll have the physical & intellectual knowledge of why you're doing what you're doing

  • 5 days of breathwork & meditation practice

    Each day I'll guide you through safe and simple breathwork techniques & mindfulness meditation to calm your nervous system, cleanse & enliven your body & mind

  • BONUS: Journal prompts & mini guide

    You'll also receive journal prompts and a guide to take you deeper into your experience. This will support you to have greater clarity around your thoughts and emotions so that you can take on the day feeling fresh, capable and inspired

Client experiences



Claire’s Sacred Morning offering was wonderful. We explored different Pranayama techniques + space for meditation. Looking forward to doing it again, highly recommend this for kick starting a morning ritual. Thank you Claire



I recently completed Claire's breathwork & meditation program for 5 mornings and it was the best decision, reminding me how to breathe again and find my own inner peace. Re-learning to be mindful, present and sit in who I am being is such a gift Claire as I haven't given myself this time and space for a while. Thank you so much for supporting me back into a regular practice, so I can better align with who I am.

Invest in yourself

And get started tomorrow morning!

Course Structure

  • 1

    Welcome to this 5 day Sacred morning practice

  • 2

    5 day Sacred Morning Practice

    • Sacred Morning Practice Guide & Journal

    • Day #1 Sacred Morning Practice

    • Day #2 Sacred Morning Practice

    • Day #3 Sacred Morning Practice

    • Day #4 Sacred Morning Practice

    • Day #5 Sacred Morning Practice

  • 3

    Going forward.....

    • Before you go.....

Meet your teacher

Claire Bradshaw

Claire Bradshaw is a holistic life coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York & The Coaching Institute) and a yoga/meditation teacher (RYT 350hrs) who supports women who are ready to empower themselves with the tools and mindset to move from burned out, and overwhelmed to energised, connected and purposeful.

Invest in yourself

And get started tomorrow morning!