A 4 week deeply nourishing self care course

Incorporating yoga, meditation and breathwork

So many of us put self care to the bottom of our never ending 'to do' list - we see it as something that we'll get to when there is time. Or we may even feel guilty to take the time for ourselves. But the truth is, we can't pour from an empty cup (we can try, but that leads to burnout, exhaustion and resentment) . The other way is give to ourselves, to fill ourselves up from the inside so that it pours out to our family, friends and colleagues. In order to thrive, to be vibrant and radiant we need to take care of our needs.

This is a revolution of sorts. Women giving to themselves, because they know they are deserving of their own love

  • Has self care been something on your to do list for a while, but there just never seems to be the right time?

  • Do you feel tired and exhausted all the time as you take care of everyone and everything else?

  • Are you feeling a little lost, stuck and lacklustre with so much uncertainty and change right now?

  • Do you drink multiple coffees through the day just to try and stay awake and get things done (but you know it's not good for your health)?

  • Are you ready to reclaim your vibrant and radiant self?

'It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and make yourself a priority. It's a necessity'

Mandy Hale

To nourish ourselves from the inside-out is not only a divine act of self care but of deep self love

At this time more than ever, many of us are realising how important it is to take care of our whole selves - our minds, our bodies, our hearts and our souls. Not only to boost our immunity, but also to feel better from the inside-out and be equipped to handle what comes our way. This course will support you to connect more deeply with your inner nature, at a time when when you may feel unbalanced, scattered and anxious. Not only will you learn more deeply about your mind and body connection through practical application using the ancient tools of yoga, meditation and breathwork but you'll also have the support of other like minded people all the way.

Who is this course for?

  • You'd like to learn how to improve your sleep, increase your energy levels through the day, and reduce anxiety and stress

  • You're ready to take good care of yourself, but you're not sure where to start

  • You'd like to improve your mood & feel calmer through the day

  • You're familiar with some yoga postures or you've been practicing for a while & you'd like to learn more deeply about how the practices can support your self care on a daily basis, on and off the yoga mat

  • You'd like structure, guidance & support around self care practices

  • You'd like a personal toolkit of practices that you can return to time and time again

  • You believe that health is wealth & you're ready to invest in your wellbeing

Course Structure

4 weeks | Movement & Stillness

We will journey through the various elements that are found in nature and within us & we'll experience this through yoga and self care practices. Ultimately, this will be an experiential journey of deeply connecting with yourself, within the container of a supportive group

WEEK 1 | Earth

We'll start with exploring our body and our connection to earth through our feet, legs and pelvis. This area of the body is related to our physical connection to the earth. With the use of specific postures and breath techniques we can better ground ourselves to feel less fearful and more safe and supported. This module includes slow yoga flow, yin, yoga nidra & journal prompts

WEEK 2 | Water

During the second week we'll concentrate on the hips and the sacrum - a watery part of the body. This area is related to our sense of flow, ease, creativity & sexuality. From long hours of sitting at a desk, in the car can result in this part of the body feel tight, stiff, sore and uncomfortable, which can result in a number of different physical ailments. We'll work to release this tightness to find more freedom and flow.This module includes slow flow, yin, meditation & journal prompts

WEEK 3 | Fire

During this week we'll move to the core, the solar plexus, the home of personal power. This is where our digestive fire resides. At times of stress, we can burn this too much, resulting in digestive issues or burn-out. We will look to bring balance back to this part of the body. This module includes slow flow, yin, breathwork and journal prompts

WEEK 4 | Air

In this last module we'll move up to the chest, heart/lungs, shoulders & upper back. An area of the body where so many us feel tight and tense, particularly from sitting all day at a computer. This module includes slow flow, yin, breathwork and journal prompts

What's included

The course starts w/c 8th June 2020

  • x8 yoga classes - slow flow & yin, livestream & downloadable. Livestream classes will be every Thursday during the program at 6.30pm | Melbourne, 9.30am London. You can participate live with accountability, you'll also have ongoing access to these recorded classes

  • x2 group (1hr) coaching calls on Wednesday 17th June & 1st July at 5.30pm Melbourne, 8.30am London on zoom to discuss insights, questions, explorations, to give you the support you need as you travel on this journey of deep self care. All calls will be recorded.

  • Weekly journal prompts to go deeper

  • Facebook group to share, inspire, connect & lift one another up

  • BONUSES - meditation & breathwork recordings & the ultimate self care guide


  • I live outside of Australia, can I still take this course?

    Yes you can! I'd love to support you and have you join us. The classes & group calls will be run online via zoom, so you can be based anywhere in the world The other materials will be held on an online platform for you to access

  • What if I'm not available for a class or a group call?

    Not a worry at all as all classes and calls will be recorded from zoom

  • How long will I have access to the materials?

    You will have access to the materials for at least 1 year after the course has finished

  • Is it a requirement that I have practiced yoga before?

    It's not compulsory, however in the flow classes it will be an advantage to have a basic knowledge of the main yoga postures

  • When will the dates for the calls be announced?

    These will be announced once you have booked the class - they will likely be in the evening in Australia, so mornings for Europe.

  • Do I need to have a regular yoga practice?

    No, you just need to be familiar with basic yoga poses as I will not be breaking them down for beginners in this course.

Deep self care is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself

Is it time to take this journey?

Your Teacher

Claire Bradshaw

Claire Bradshaw is a holistic life coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York & The Coaching Institute) and a yoga/meditation teacher (RYT 350hrs) who supports women who are ready to empower themselves with the tools and mindset to move from burned out, and overwhelmed to energised, connected and purposeful. Claire has travelled extensively, both in the external world and her inner world and her passion is to draw on the teachings of nature to aid in supporting her clients to live more harmoniously & connected, both with self and others.
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Kind words from clients

Coaching Client & Yoga Student


Working with Claire has been a real journey of self love and self understanding. She helped me to love the person I am now, to see the beauty in me and in others. Claire has been my first Life Coach and I can't thank her enough for this amazing journey

Coaching Client & Yoga Student


During our time working together, Claire held space in a way that I could feel safe, loved, heard and seen, so I could talk openly and explore and be curious about the process. More importantly, I felt that I was leading my journey and making decisions and new choices naturally. I truly feel different about challenges, decisions, about day to day routine and about myself

Corporate Yoga Client

Ashurst Law Firm

We've had amazing feedback about Claire's yoga class. Our colleagues said it was one of the best classes they had every done. It was pitched at a really good level and Claire was super lovely.

Coaching Client & Yoga Student


I first met Claire as my yoga instructor and I instantly warmed to her and always looked forward to her classes. When I discovered she was also a coach I realised I could not find a better person to guide me through this journey. With the tools Claire has armed me with I feel more confident in achieving the goals I have set for myself

Coaching Client

Ann Clare

Claire's coaching has been a true blessing. I felt so comfortable telling her about the things I wanted to work on and improve and not at all judged just totally heard. Claire is so understanding and really supportive, I felt totally guided and in safe hands!

By the end of this course:

  • You'll feel more centered, grounded and balanced within yourself

  • You'll walkaway with a toolkit of self care & nourishment practices that you can use time and time again

  • You'll have a deeper understanding of the relationship between your body and mind and your inner nature

  • You'll be better able to deal with everyday challenges and feel a sense of calm within

  • You'll have evolved into a stronger and more resilient you


Plus you get these goodies included!

  • BONUS 1: Self Care package (value $25)

    For the first 5 people (in Australia) who sign up, you'll receive a self care package delivered to your door! Yes a present for you. It will include goodies like Pana chocolate, essential oil roller, candles, bath salts, tea

  • BONUS 2: Nourish You | Ultimate self care guide (value $19)

    You'll turn to this time and time again to support you. Packed full of tips and resources to help you come back to a place of nourishment and wholeness.

  • BONUS 3: Meditations & Breathwork practices (value $30)

    A selection of recorded meditations and breathwork practices to support you daily


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Community gifts

  • I'm offering x2 scholarship opportunities! If you would love to join us, but you are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID, then send me an email letting me know how this course will benefit you & we can take it from there

  • 5% of each sale will be donated to Collective Being, a not for profit supporting community health and wellbeing through the delivery of healing-centred and trauma-informed practices  

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Deep self care is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself

Is it time to take this journey?