Nourish yourself from the inside out

(because you're so deserving)

In a world that's obsessed with doing, pushing & always being 'on', it can be challenging to make the time for ourselves or even to know how to nourish ourselves. This is where I'm here to support you.

'Almost everything will work again when you unplug it...... including you'

Anne Lamott

This practice is perfect if you:

  • Have been feeling exhausted & struggle to relax

  • You have a busy mind , you feel anxious & want to feel calm again

  • Want to take good care of your mind & body & value the importance of self care

What's included

  • Meditations

    You will receive two types of powerful mediations. A body scan to connect deeply with the body & get out of the busy mind. And a loving kindness meditation to deepen compassion

  • Gentle & Restorative Yoga Practices

    You will receive two gentle yoga practices. A restorative class perfect for when you need to relax & rejuvenate. And a yoga for sleep class that will prepare your body and mind for deep sleep. All kinds of delicious.

  • Nourish Yourself Self Care Guide

    Plus you'll receive a self care guide with mindset tips and suggestions that will help you to prioritise & take good care of yourself in the day to day

Client experiences

Corporate yoga classes

"We have had amazing feedback about Claire’s yoga class. Our colleagues said it was one of the best classes they have done, it was pitched at a really good level and the instructor was super lovely"

Kay (Melbourne)

he time working with Claire has challenged me mentally and has helped me to think about what I want in life. I feel a lot calmer and more focussed on what makes me happy. I first met Claire as my yoga instructor and I instantly warmed to her and always looked forward to her classes. When I discovered she was also a coach I realised I could not find a better person to guide me through this journey. With the tools Claire has armed me with I feel more confident in achieving the goals I have set for myself for the forthcoming year. This year is the year of 'I will!'

Julia (Melbourne)

I love Claire's yoga & meditation classes. Claire has a very calming presence, is very knowledgeable and I always leave her classes feeling grounded, peaceful and present. I can't recommend her classes more.

Sarah (Melbourne)

Claire not only taught me a yoga routine that I could confidently do at home (getting to a yoga class was proving tricky with working and caring for a young family!), she also helped me to clarify what was important to me and how to be more present day to day. I would not hesitate to recommend seeing Claire for anyone wanting to improve the way they live their life whether it be through learning yoga or having someone to coach you through finding and articulating your true values with which you want to live your life by. 100% worth the investment – thank you Claire

Your health is your wealth

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • Welcome to Nourish Yourself program

    • Basics of Breathing class - 20 mins

    • Body Scan meditation- 20 mins

    • Restore Yourself Gentle Yoga Practice - 30 mins

    • Metta Bhavana - Loving Kindness meditation

    • Yoga for Sleep - 25 mins

    • Nourish Yourself Radical Self Care Guide

    • Congratulations & Next steps


Claire Bradshaw

Claire Bradshaw is a holistic life coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York & The Coaching Institute) and a yoga/meditation teacher (RYT 350hrs) who supports women who are ready to empower themselves with the tools and mindset to move from burned out, and overwhelmed to energised, connected and purposeful.

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